Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miners and Industrials

Alpha gank delay

This applies to all ships:
The first volley takes 55% of eHP off. 1.5 second delay. Then all the other volleys have no time delay. It would give logi pilots a chance to save their friends.

Battle Rorqual

To keep it short it lacks the power grid for two cap transfers or basic base capacitor regen or a capacitor transfer bonus.

Orcas and Industrial fit Rorquals

I am starting to like the idea of a mini POS bubble more and more. Obviously, it needs to be limited in some ways. 

Need to have an asteroid targetted to activate the bubble.
Orcas get 5 minutes and Rorquals get 10 minutes
You can bump them and move the bubble. Possibly catch some slow miners that don't stay under it.

This gives a response fleet time to get there to help. More fights and less easy kills. Dock up or die is boring.

Consider if the enemy are organised and bubble up the stations and POSes? (Sure this scenario is more null and worm hole) any way. A 700M Orca could potentially save billions of ISK of Hulks.


I feel that they like miners have already given up their ability to shoot back. Remote scramble removers would help them.However, they are big heavy ships and should get big tanks.

More fights, less easy kills.


Obviously as above I think they should get more tank with the alpha delay but a really funny thing would be if one week a year strip miners could take a random module out of a hostile ship. (An asteroid must be targetted). Have to go to a station to repair the strip miner and only one module per strip miner but imagine the surprise of the attacker jumps into a fleet of miners and their modules vanish!? :D

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