Tuesday, December 9, 2014

There is always one.

When ever you have moderators and GMs from the player pool, there is always one that is heavy handed and annoying on the forums. Thus, I have chosen to make a separate space.

First thing you will notice is that I use a lot of new lines.

Like this. The great thing is that it only takes two bytes and I don't run out of pages.

Right so, going through the list from here

  • Tier 1 Battle Cruisers were "fixed"
  • I still think no loss mails should be generated on newbies. Account < 21 days old.
  • Glad inside stations was side-lined.
  • Yes to remotely being able to remove scrams from a friend and following warp trails.
  • I think bounties should be handled as contracts like courier missions.
  • Glad to see Ventures and Prospects for gas harvesting (would be good if gas was used for other things.
  • I think fleets should gain temporary status in wars, with cool down timers and the defenders of the wars should be able to add other corps and alliances to their side with confirmatioin and extend the wars for free.
  • Low Sec control and home advantage could be ground up through faction warfare.
  • Change the colour of POS modules' text based their status.
  •  Glad to see ancillary shield boosting but two of them can be over powered for gangs and it doesn't stop you being alpha wiped out in fleets. Maybe allow logi to give them a temporary buffer to absorb alphas?
  • Who would have guessed there would be gangs of Tier 3s running around like destroyer gangs? *rolls eyes* At least multi-boxing bans will devastate them somewhat.
  • I would still like 95% GUI scaling.
  • Cloaks - there should be some sort of no damage bomb to disrupt cloaks, skill and distances can alter in what ways and for how long.
  • Something, something AI more like players, PVP ships for ratting, ganks less successful, something something.
  • The launcher ... funny thing how people try and get around it.
  • Camoflage cloaks
  • Battleships are still too easy on skill requirements to sit in them. Still see loads of people quitting, even veterans after losing a lot of them.
  • Active tanking could absorb attacks and convert the energy into tank, mitigating zergs.

Right onto the new things in the next post.

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